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I am Erica Gonzales, a 24 year old college student attending UTSA, that loves to express myself through writing. Im using this blog as my diary, my escape, and my little paradise. My dream is to become a kinder teacher, just like my mother. I currently have an associate in Arts EC-6th and am a year away from my BA. I'm not afraid of my goals, my dreams, and battling my own deamons. I am thankful for my wonderful family and the friends who believe in me and encourage me to keep sewing.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Look What I Just Ordered!

Complete Pretty Please Jennifer Paganelli 

Thinking about making cosmetic bags with these beauties! 


                    Organic Cotton French Terry 

I'm using this to make burp cloths, bibs, and wash cloths.  I cant wait to be done with this semester, by the way, my last day is tomorrow, cant wait!  As soon as I get them done, I'll post pics:)

Stay Tuned :)